16 Post-Operative Instructions for Hair Transplant

After the hair transplant procedure, there are some instructions and tips, which you should adhere to assure optimal results.

Postoperative recovery is an essential part of the procedure of hair transplant. You can manage the best results according to how much you care about your transplanted hair within this period.

As a rule, the most important thing is to curb the complications and side effects after hair transplant surgery as much as possible.

Instructions After Hair Transplant Surgery

The hair transplant procedure is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, aims to transfer the follicles from the donor area to fill the baldness and hair loss areas.

The post-operative instructions changes according to the number of days after hair transplant surgery.

The First Three Days’ Instructions

The first three days are considered as the most critical and delicate period after hair transplant surgery, let’s listed the tips as follow:

  1. On the day of the procedure, you must not take off the bandage for several hours after the operation to prevent swelling. You also should not bend over for 48 hours to avoid bleeding or swelling. Keep your head above as much as possible.
  2. The night of the hair transplant procedure and the following five days, you must sleep on two or three medical pillows with your head elevated to avert swelling.
  3. Do not wash your hair for 72 hours after hair transplant surgery. At this time, the hair follicles have not been fixed yet, so if you wash your scalp, hair follicles will be able to fall easily.
  4. In your follow-up visit on the next day postoperative, one of the medical staff will wash your hair and scalp. Then you must follow the methods of washing your scalp for the following ten days. Each day of those ten days has its way of washing, which is dictated by your hair transplant specialist.
  5. Until the third day of the operation, you should refrain from smoking, exercise, weight lifting, as well as activities. Such activities may weaken your body and result in bleeding and loss of grafts and new hair follicles.
  6. For the first three days, you may have discomfort and pain so you should take the necessary medicines and painkillers dictated by your hair transplant surgeon.

Instructions After The Third Day of The Operation

The period following the third day is also very essential but not as much as the first three days. There are general instructions that you should follow, after hair transplant surgery until the new hair growth.

1. You must take care and pay high attention while wearing and taking off your clothes to avoid touching or hurting the new hair follicles.

2. You should adhere to take the necessary medications dictated by your cosmetic surgeon. Your doctor will also give you vitamins to enhance the new hair follicles. This vitamin accelerates the healing process and stimulates the growth of the new hair follicles.

3. Blood thinners medications or drinks such as aspirin, green tea, alcohol, and Arabic coffee are not to be consumed for at least 10 days after your procedure. The blood thinners may thin the blood and cause bleeding or prevent blood clots and stop blood flow to the scalp. Thus, the new hair follicles will not grow.

4. Some scabs appear on the scalp around the transplanted grafts after three days from hair transplant surgery. Do not touch the scalp once you find those small scabs as well as do not pick or scratch those crusts by your nails so as not to destroy the newly hair follicles. These scabs will fall off by themselves within 10 days during wash your hair.

5. The most harmful thing within the recovery period is to be exposed to direct sunlight because the sunlight contains UV rays that might damage the new hair follicles. Therefore, you should wear a hat once you are going out into the direct sunlight after hair transplant surgery for at least three weeks.

6. During the recovery period, you will feel itchy, this is a normal feeling at that time, and you feel that you need to rub your scalp. However, you shall not rub your scalp because rubbing may cause some serious issues and your new hair follicles will be more likely to damage and destroy.

7. On the 10th day, you are successfully passed the sensitive stages, and you will start a new postoperative recovery and care. In this phase, you will wash your scalp and hair carefully twice per week with the particular medical shampoo dictated by your cosmetic surgeon. During washing your hair, you will use tepid water. You must keep your head away from dust and rain, and keep it as clean as possible.

8. The most important tip that you should put into your consideration is to avoid swimming in whether a swimming pool for one month or sea for a period of at least three months. The swimming pool contains chlorine, and the seawater includes harmful chemicals that may cause inflammations to your scalp.

9. Within a couple of months, your new hair will start to grow for a specific period, and then it will fall out within six months. Do not worry; it is a normal result after hair transplant surgery. Your natural hair follicles will grow intensively and will ever last growing till to figure out your desired results.

10. During the recovery period, it is preferable not to use chemical creams or shampoo on your scalp. It’s recommended to use medical shampoo and creams dictated by your cosmetic doctor.

At this point, your surgery will perfectly meet your success and fulfill your needs. Within a year, alongside following the instructions, you managed to achieve your appearance needs. You will be fully satisfied with your new look and changes.


Don’t hesitate to ask if you require further information about post-operative instructions, or request a Callback.