7 Famous Celebrities’ Hair Transplant

Celebrities hair transplant assume hair transplant surgery has a wide range of success and suitability. Thus, they have chosen a hair transplant surgery to cover up their baldness and hair loss.

Celebrity always is somebody’s role model due to they have achieved a lot in their life, which we look-up. National or international celebrities not only gave us a push to enjoy our life and live well but also helped us to identify our talent.

The attractive point for us is the celebrities’ presence of and how they look. In which their appearance is the first thing that we followed once they become our role model.


Celebrities hair transplant

As everybody is suffering baldness, the celebrities also can expose to baldness or hair loss. In order to their look is considered as the essential part of their life.

Therefore, they need as soon as possible to find a solution to getting their great appearance back. Accordingly, celebrities have had a hair transplant surgery.

There are many celebrities have spoken about their story of hair transplant surgery. Others are shrouded in mystery. The most famous celebrities who have had a hair transplant are as follows:

Wayne Rooney’s Hair Transplant

Rooney is the most iconic football player and always under the spotlight. He was getting baldness at the age of 25. Once he noticed a receding hairline, he choosed to undergo a hair transplant.

Thus, Rooney went to the best clinic for hair transplant, which determined that he was a good candidate to undergo the FUE technique. The outcomes of hair transplant were successful and incredible.

Wayne Rooney confirmed to all his followers that he had had a hair transplant and he delighted with the results. Almost, Rooney is the first male celebrity who had hair transplant in celebrities.

celebrities hair transplant

David Beckham’s Hair Transplant

David Beckham is the most efficient football player. Beckham is recognized as the best football player who not only scoring many goals but also has iconic hairstyles that change every match.

Unfortunately, some photos published and supposedly revealing David’s hair loss and bald patches; those photos were triggering controversy.

Thus, David Beckham hardly attempted to get rid of his baldness until he decided to have a hair transplant treatment with FUE technique.

The result of Beckham’s hair transplant seems great; he said at an international newspaper that he is satisfied with the outcome of a hair transplant procedure and he recommended it for those in need. David’s hair transplant is one of the most successful celebrities hair transplant.

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John Travolta’s Hair Transplant

John Travolta is a glamorous actor and Hollywood’s biggest superstar who suffered baldness and lacking hair density in the early age of his life. Then, Travolta managed to wear a wig to cover up his baldness. On the contrary, he also suffered from the wigs’ side effects such as a headache and itching.

While initially, John Travolta has had FUT hair transplant that made a fine scar in the back of his head. Then, hair transplant technology has developed and Travolta decided to undergo FUE technique to cover up those scars.

Fortunately, his FUE hair transplant succeeded. The overall result is the most successful ones among celebrities hair transplant.


Nicolas Cage’s Hair Transplant

Nicolas Cage is a great actor, producer, and director. He earned a lot of awards. Unbelievably, there were receding hairline, and bald patches had been started to appear on Nicolas Cage’s head with age. Thus, He became incapable of standing on the red carpet to hold his international awards, and this thinning hair affects his self-esteem and self-confidence.

On the contrary, Nicolas’ donor area was so poor to cover his entire head. The hair transplant surgeon determined to cover up what the donor hair can cover. He has clearly had FUE hair transplant, as the FUE technique is considered as the best technique for the poor donor area. The result was overall good but not great, according to his poor donor hair. People clearly notice the changes; it’s totally different with his new look.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s Hair Transplant

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most popular football player. Ronaldo is well-known with the changes of hairstyle as most football players.

Cristiano was suffering from thinning hair and hair loss at the corners of the forehead, but his receding hair was not noticeable. Therefore, Ronaldo decided to undergo a hair transplant before this thinning hair became noticeable.

The most effective technique for thinning hair and hair loss is DHI technique that known as CHOI implanter. Ronaldo has had a DHI hair transplant to get his strong hair back and get the density hair.

Cristiano Ronaldo said in an international program that hair transplant really does work and it can change your life. The best hair transplant is done with the right doctor and the qualified hair transplant center.

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Victoria Beckham’s Hair Transplant

Victoria is a global singer, fashion designer, and model. Beckham was suffering from thinning hair and creeping up of the forehead. As she is an internationally recognized icon model and singer, she needs to look great to participate in press and shows.

Thus, Victoria after being alongside thinking, she determined to undergo hair transplant with DHI technique. DHI technique considers as the best technology for thinning hair.

Acknowledging, the early intervention of a DHI hair transplant leads to hidden as much as possible the creeping and thinning hair. Victoria Beckham is considered the most famous female celebrity to have a hair transplant.


Mel Gibson’s Hair Transplant

Mel Gibson is an American filmmaker and actor; He has the most popular ever. With age, he starts to showing baldness and receding hairline from the sides of his head, he suffering too much and affect his self-esteem and self-confidence.

Mel Gibson’s life is shrouded in secrecy; he decided to undergo a hair transplant without telling the press after the urging of his family. Over time, the press notice that he gets with a new look, in addition to it was suspicious while one day Gibson had a full head of hair.

Then, Gibson announced that he had FUE hair transplant and the result looks very natural, which he satisfied with the outcome. Mel Gibson is undoubtedly one of the best male celebrities hair transplant.


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