Abdominal Etching - Six Pack

Abdominal Etching - Six Pack

Abdominal etching is a liposculpture procedure, which is a specific type of liposuction that removes excess fat between the abdominal muscles, creating a more defined six-pack or a washboard stomach. It makes your stomach appear tighter and more muscular. Since even well-conditioned muscles can be hidden by a thin layer of fat, Abdominal Etching is a safe and easy way to give the abs more definition, which is hard to achieve through exercise.

Abdominal Etching is a safe and easy procedure especially if it was operated by an experienced specialist, that’s why we put you in safe hands by making sure to choose the best Turkish experts in this field.

Abdominal Etching Candidates:

Top Clinic’s experts suggest that abdominal etching candidates must be healthy men or women with a good mass of muscles that couldn’t be defined through an exercise with a layer of fat that is less than 2cm. Abdominal etching can also be performed following a massive weight loss.

People who already have well-toned underlying abdominals can be the best candidates for abdominal etching, as it helps to emphasize those underlying abdominals by removing the excess fat. Good candidates also include patients who have undergone a tummy tuck or a liposuction surgery and want abdominal etching to achieve a fitter, more chiseled appearance.

During the Abdominal Etching Procedure

Your Top Clinic surgeon may ask you to contract your abdominal muscles before the procedure that he can locate and mark the areas where the indentation will be created. Abdominal etching takes around one hour as an average and is performed in conjunction with liposuction, such as liposuction of the flanks and lower back for the proportionate appearance of the patient’s entire torso.
Next, your surgeon will create several 1 to 2 ml incisions in your belly button or within the natural creases of your abdomen. He or she will then insert a cannula (a tube-like instrument) to remove excess fat and sculpt grooves in the remaining fat to emphasize your natural musculature.

After the Abdominal Etching Procedure:

Following your treatment, you might spend a night in the hospital, and you should wear a medical compression garment for about three to six weeks after the operation. It will help minimize swelling and gives the desired shape for your six-pack abs.
Your surgeon will give you specific instructions about what you can and can’t do after abdominal etching. It will include not lifting anything that weighs 10 pounds or more and not playing extreme sports. You can shower within 48 hours after an etching operation. Following your Top Clinic doctor’s instructions helps to minimize your risk of complications and infections.
You can resume normal activities within one to three weeks after the operation, and you will start seeing positive changes right after the operation. However, the full results of abdominal etching will be visible within six months. The scars where the incisions took place are very small and will usually completely fade away.

Possible Side Effects

  • Loss of sensitivity on the abdominal skin is common.
  • Excessive scarring of the skin or internally where the operation took place.
  • Post-operative infections and swellings which can be prevented and managed by taking medicines and antibiotics.

Planning Your Abdominal Etching Operation

Abdominal Etching with Top Clinic has never been easier! Only three steps to get your six-pack abs contoured!

  • Get your free consultation from Top Clinic specialists.
  • Coordinate with the Top Clinic team, who will organize your accommodation and private transportation, as well as your Abdominal Etching operation in a five stars hospital in Istanbul.
  • Arrive in Istanbul, meet your doctor, now, you’re ready for your life-changing operation! And receive your guarantee certificate.

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