Arm Lift

Arm Lift

Also known as Brachioplasty, which is a surgical operation to enhance your appearance by smoothing and tightening loose skin under the arm that creates what is known as a “bat wing” appearance. Immense demand on arm lift surgeries appeared because arms are one of the most challenging areas of the body to naturally tighten skin, which makes the Arm Lift procedure the only effective way to get rid of this lossy skin.
People usually suffer from excess skin or fatty tissue with a saggy droopy appearance under the arm because of aging or after a massive weight loss, which can lead to a lack of self-confidence or depression or anxiety in more severe cases. Arm Lift can enhance your self-esteem as well as your appearance by making your upper arm look younger. It allows you to wear short sleeves without being self-conscious of any bat wings. This operation can be performed on men and women likewise and is often performed in conjunction with targeted liposuction to get rid of excess fat and then remove the sagging skin.

Arm Lift Candidates

Candidates for Arm Lift operations are people with a healthy lifestyle who do not have any severe medical conditions and are suffering from excess sagging skin tissue because of a high weight loss or people with non-elastic skin that turn to be saggy over time and desire to achieve a more toned youthful appearance of their arms.

Before the Arm Lift Operation:

You will need to stay away from drinking alcohol and smoking at least one week before the operation to avoid any unnecessary complications.

During the Operation

  • The operation usually takes around 2 to 3 hours depending on the amount of excess fat and skin and is performed under general anesthesia. Your Top Clinic doctor will accurately measure how much fatty tissue should be removed, considering your desires and the amount of fatty tissue you have.
  • Then your Top Clinic Surgeon will remove the excess skin making sure that the sections are placed in a way that the scars will be hidden. Your doctor may need to perform liposuction in adjacent body areas to give a more consistent look.

Arm Lift Recovery:

You might need to spend the night at the hospital so that your Top Clinic specialist makes sure you will not experience any complications. While the final results will need few months to take place, the initial results will be seen right after the operation. During your recovery period, it’s important to take your medications on time and to keep any scar dressings dry and clean. Your Top Clinic expert will keep in touch with you until you totally recover and get the results that you wish for.

Possible Side Effects:

Arm Lift is a safe procedure, especially when patients are carefully selected, the physician is adequately trained, and the operating facility is adequately equipped.
Normally, the arms will be swollen and bruised, and you may feel a burning sensation after the surgery. Usually, there is no need to worry because any discomfort can be controlled with medications prescribed by your Top Clinic surgeon if needed.

Planning Your Arm Lift Operation

Arm Lift with Top Clinic has never been easier, only three steps to get your arms contoured!

  • Get your free consultation from Top Clinic specialists by requesting a Callback and discuss your desires and expectations from the operation with your specialist.
  • Coordinate with the Top Clinic team, who will organize your accommodation and private transportation, as well as your Arm Lift operation in a five stars hospital in Istanbul.
  • Arrive in Istanbul, meet your doctor, now, you’re ready for your life-changing operation! And receive your guarantee certificate!

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