best body parts for liposuction

Did you know that Liposuction is still consistently one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the world? In this new age in which everyone wants to look beautiful at any age, Liposuction is the body contouring answer.

Men and women have been choosing liposuction in their fight against areas of excess fat that just don’t respond to diet and exercise. Here is the good new, many areas of the body can respond well to this cosmetic surgery treatment. Let’s count best body parts for liposuction together now!

1. Abdomen


Excess fat in the lower or upper abdomen can be a big reason to feel ugly. For that reason, many men and women simply do not like the appearance of their stomachs.

Liposuction on your upper stomach, lower stomach, or both can be performed to help reduce the appearance of fat and create a slimmer abdomen.

2. Buttock


Butt liposuction is very common, and although many patients want a bigger, rounder butt, there are many more who want liposuction to reduce their size.

Buttock liposuction can help create a slimmer back and can also help reduce the appearance of cellulite. But implant can have risks and benefits but still if you have excess fat on your butt, a treatment plan can be created so that you can keep your shape but reduce its size.

3. Upper Arms

Exercises with your arms typically result in stronger muscles, but almost zero fat reduction. Fortunately, liposuction to the arms consistently delivers the highest level of patient satisfaction and happiness.

4. Breast

The goal for liposuction in the male chest area is relatively simple: improving the patient’s physical appearance by removing unsightly “breasts”. But for women, breast liposuction can not only improve appearance but also enhance the overall quality of life.

5. Waist-Back

Back fat can be extremely difficult to get rid of. Most patients, especially women, have heard of the term “bra fat”. This is the fat that appears when you put on a bra. This can be on your sides and around your back and it is generally not flattering, especially if you’re wearing a bikini.

6. Face-Neck

Face and neck liposuction is performed to reduce fat and improve contour. For example, liposuction can remove the appearance of a “double chin” and improve the definition of the jawline. Ideal candidates for liposuction are those who have localized deposits of fat that is resistant to diet or exercise.

7. Legs-Thighs

Fat in the thigh area is a problem both from an esthetic point of view and from a health point of view. It is normally used to remove fat from the upper part of the legs to create a more slender, firm, and natural-looking result.

Depending on the amount of fat to be removed and the natural elasticity of the skin, a thigh lift to remove excess skin may be recommended as well.