Can Baldness Be Cured, Act Now Before It’s Too Late

Can baldness be cured is a common question among a lot of people. Most of the people suffer from baldness or at least hair loss that is the reason why they ask to identify a treatment to cure baldness.

Approximately, the amount 7 out of 10 people get one type of hair loss, alopecia, baldness, thinning hair, or receding hairline. In men, hair recedes over time to form an “M” shape. In women, bald patches occur in the crown of the head and hair becomes thinner.

To date, a lot of methods and techniques are come out as leaps in the field of hair treatments and baldness cured.


Can baldness be cured

The cure for baldness is one of the most studies topics alongside the health field. The options for baldness cures change every day and vastly improves, and we are looking forward to the treatments of today.

The treatments considered as a permanent or temporary but even so, all people need the permanent cures so as not to be exhausted by the brief therapies.

A lot method can cure the baldness, whether natural methods, chemical ways, technical methods, or medical cures. Some of the nowadays treatment will be as below:

Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant procedure is a non-surgical permanent treatment. In which, hair follicles are harvested from the back of the head known as the donor site, to be implanted in the hair loss and baldness areas.

Developmental researches observed that when follicle hair dies, the hair will not grow back again, even when you rely on the most vulnerability medicines. Conversely, when hair follicles are implanted instead of those dead follicles, it can grow after a period of time, and you will get the best answer for the question can baldness be cured.

The techniques of hair transplant are involved by time, the latest technologies are:

  • FUE technique: follicular unit extraction is the conventional method for the hair transplant procedure. In such cases, FUE will be the best when harvesting is up to 5000 hair follicles. The surgeon harvests the follicles from the donor area, depending on the micromotor device, then, he implants the follicles in the recipient areas.
  • DHI technique: those who in need DHI technique are suffering from a lack of density and hair loss, which leads to bald patches. Unlike FUE, direct hair implantation technique depends on CHOI implanter, which is a pen used for implanting the follicles one by one in the recipient areas without having to wait for make small incisions before transplant.
  • ROBOT technique: the latest technology in hair transplant procedure. It depends on a robot assistant who helps the doctor to diagnose the patient’s hair and donor area, harvesting the follicles, moreover implanting the hair follicles. The Robotic hair transplant minimizes the time and gives accurate results.   

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Stem Cell for hair

Stem cell brings hope to answer the question of can baldness be cured. Those Stem cells are found in some parts of the human body, which located in fat tissue, bone marrow, blood, and several areas else.

The doctor extracts the stem cell from the candidate areas in the patient’s body; then, after some process, the stem cells will be implanted in the scalp which the hair loss and baldness areas.

Stem cells treatment is a natural method for cured baldness. It has several advantages such as encourage hair growth, the patient will be under local anesthesia, he will get an accurate result and natural hair, and the recovery is short about a week maximum.

Some researchers developed a technology to generate a new hair from stem cells called bio fibre. The bio fibre is an artificial fiber similar to natural hair, in addition to the stem cells will go under several processes to take the same color and types of natural hair of patient.

Thus, the bio fibre will be implanted as an artificial hair in the baldness areas. The number of hairs will be determined according to the baldness area space.


Platelet-rich Plasma “PRP”

The platelet-rich plasma located in the blood of the person. Our blood is made of three main components, which are red cells, white cells, and plasma.

In which, the doctor extract amount of blood from who in need of plasma injections. Then, the doctor will separate out the platelet-rich plasma, the red cells blood, and the white cells blood to get the individual plasma.

RPP contains a lot of growth factors, which can stimulate the scalp to grow the follicles, improve soft tissue healing, and enhance the scalp to generate a new follicle.

The PRP will be injected in the scalp of the patient up to three injections be given within six months, according to the patient condition. After you finish the course of plasma, you can repeat the process once per three months to get the best results and to earn an effective treatment.

The PRP effective through the hair transplant procedure due to it plays a fundamental role in hemostasis and enhance the new follicles to accelerate growth. PRP is considered the essential solution to explain the concept of can baldness be cured.

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This is an effective treatment for thinning hair and hair loss, which leads to baldness occurrence. Mesotherapy contains natural ingredients such as proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other natural supplements.

These combinations stimulate the collagen in the scalp, improve the blood circulation in the capillary bed, and enhance the follicles to grow. Studies stressed that the natural components have the more effective solution than the other chemical techniques.

To prevent ineffective cured, you must be sure about board-certified dermatologist who specialized in mesotherapy and hair treatments.

During the session, you will be under numbing medicine applied to your scalp. The doctor injects mesotherapy in the appropriate tissue in the scalp by hand using a specific gun equipped with a fine needle. The session that you will need about four or five sessions given over a period of four to five months, in which one session per month.

The doctor might diagnose the patient and ensure what he needs precisely due to there is not a standard formula for the ingredients within the mesotherapy. Each doctor has his substances injected in mesotherapy, according to each patient as well.


Now, the question of can baldness be cured is solved, and we know about the entirely latest technology and techniques that can treat baldness and hair loss. Those leaps take several years until having a spread into medical clinics.


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