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Which abdominoplasty technique is the best for you?

Patients frequently wish to get rid of that bothersome belly fat or excess skin. Furthermore, patients frequently tell us that they have lost confidence and are uncomfortable wearing swimsuits or tight-fitting clothing because they do not want to reveal their excess fat and skin. These are natural things and you should not feel ashamed. However,...
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Are Facelift Scars Visible?

The fear of visible scarring is one of the most common worries that prevent men and women from having cosmetic surgery. While some scarring is unavoidable when surgical incisions are required, remarkable breakthroughs in science and technology have now made it possible for many cosmetic surgery scars to be almost undetectable after healing. Furthermore, your...
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facelift vs dermal fillers


Are you searching for the right cosmetic procedure among many different options for rejuvenating your face and looking like a younger version of yourself? Two of the most popular options are dermal fillers and facelift surgery. But how can you know which one would be the best choice for you? Facelifts and fillers can improve...
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A Facelift is a surgery to improve the appearance of the face, correcting the relaxation of the tissues and attenuating the signs of aging. The skin, in fact, over the years progressively loses its elasticity as well as thinning. That is how wrinkles are formed, which initially appear in the areas most subject to facial...
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does liposuction leave scars


One of the most asked questions about Liposuction is if it leaves scars or not. By scars, we mean visible incision marks left behind after the operation. Firstly, you should know that any kind of puncture on the skin, regardless of its shape or type, would cause scarring. These scars can be visible or very...
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best body parts for liposuction


Did you know that Liposuction is still consistently one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the world? In this new age in which everyone wants to look beautiful at any age, Liposuction is the body contouring answer. Men and women have been choosing liposuction in their fight against areas of excess fat that...
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