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Nowadays, some people have a defect in their teeth, which leads them to hide the smile; some of those defects are deviations of teeth, yellowing, darkening of teeth, or teeth loss.

With the development of dentistry, getting a beautiful smile is not a difficult thing to have. Dentistry is a cosmetic procedure that aims to improve the problems of the teeth and gums, such as improve chewing, enhance speech, improve oral health, and improve your jaw to get a beautiful smile ever.

Dental Implants

Hollywood Smile

Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry has many types, according to the patient’s condition, such as:

  • Dental implants: The dental implant is a cosmetic procedure, which replaces tooth roots to implant a new tooth. It enhances tooth loss.
  • Hollywood smile: Installations of teeth crusts placed on the damaged tooth to cover. This crust changes the shape, color, and size of the teeth. It might be a permanent crust or a temporal crust.
  • Orthodontics: The treatment is known as a dental brace. It treats malocclusion and aims to straighten the teeth by using a brace and trays. This brace helps for pressing the teeth to a specific direction within a period of time, which the doctor will determine according to each patient.
  • Bleaching: The dentist uses a laser, in which hydrogen and carbamide are placed on the tooth for a period of time to make your teeth as white as you want. 

Techniques of cosmetic dentistry

Sync with the development of dental technology all over the world, we provide the latest global techniques, which are equipped in Top Clinic Medical Centre certified by the Turkish Health Ministry. Each type of cosmetic dentistry has its own methods, such as:
Dental implant: Tooth implants are made of pure titanium. It is designed to encourage the bone of the tooth with high-quality German and Swiss materials.

  • Hollywood smile: The techniques in Hollywood smile depend on the crusts, which there are:
  • Luminaires: This is the latest type of crust, which looks like a natural tooth and remains forever. It helps with hiding the server pigmentation, such as coffee.
  • Porcelain: This is typically known for giving immediate results for whiting the teeth and improves the damage. 
  • Zircon: It is used for improving the deviation of teeth and repairs their function.

Risks of cosmetic dentistry

Some patients are afraid to undergo cosmetic procedures because of the stress and anxiety that comes before the procedures and the side effects that may occur after the procedures. With cosmetic dentistry, there are no risks, and what worries the patient can easily be avoided.

The only thing that you will feel during the procedure is minimal discomfort, in which using local anesthesia can solve the problem. About after the process, you will feel slight pain, and it can be disposed of when you take the necessary painkiller prescribed by the doctor.

Cosmetic Dentistry Candidates

Anyone healthy can undergo cosmetic dentistry. The patient should have healthy gums and bones to hold the cosmetic surgeries. Also, people who have certain diseases such as; heart diseases, immunodeficiency diseases, or diabetes must be evaluated before undergoing cosmetic dentistry. Moreover, the patient will go through some radiation and blood testing to ensure good health.

Also, those who have at least one of the next;

  1. Teeth loss, which is broken or chipped.
  2. Discolored-teeth that change the color of the teeth into yellow or dark. 
  3. Misaligned teeth.
  4. Irregularly shaped teeth.
  5. Some teeth have a gap or bulges between each tooth.
  6. Fetidness of the jaw, which causes a horrible smell from the jaw because of the accumulation of food in the gaps of teeth. 

Planning to get Your cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry with Top Clinic has never been more accessible! Only three steps to get the best cosmetic dentistry treatment!

  1. Get your free consultation from Top Clinic specialists.
  2. Coordinate with the Top Clinic team, who will organize your accommodation and private transportation, as well as your cosmetic dentistry treatment in a five stars hospital in Istanbul that uses the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques for your maximum safety and satisfaction.
  3. Arrive in Istanbul, meet your doctor, now, get ready for your life-changing treatment! And receive your guarantee certificate.

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