My Hair Transplant Experience,” No More Hair Loss”

I am Maria, 37 years old, I would like to share my experience about my hair transplant. The operation is full of detailed information that could inspire those who really want to find an end to their Hair loss problems, following hair transplant operations. Every day, and particularly in every morning, I used to see a couple locks of hair on my pillow, not mention those locks which I was losing within the period of my warm bath.

I started to feel confused about my hair loss that affected my self-confidence, in which I could not live with that everyday embarrassment wherever that occurred, and particularly in public, so I decided to find a way to go through it.

In the beginning, I decided that it is better to follow Hair Treatment at home before going through any kind of hair transplant surgical operations, which could have side effects on my hair. Therefore, I started myself, discovering and searching as much as possible for Hair loss treatments.


Initially, I made sure that everything I read must be conducted and reliable to avoid any fake or wrong information on the websites. Then, I started to build up a good knowledge of Hair Loss Treatment in general and both non-surgical and surgical hair transplant. As being exposed to psychological impact due to everyday hair loss, the first note that calmed me down is knowing that more than 40% of women suffer from hair loss, so I am not the only one who is going through such a health issue. Additionally, I was stunned with all that huge developments in both science and technology associated with the hair transplant, which in turn encouraged me to think seriously about it, in case of the home treatment measures fail to work out.

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Having natural supplements such as; iron supplementation, B complex, and zinc, was one of the preferable choices, which I adapted throughout my hair treatment journey. After undergoing the necessary blood tests to know my need for vitamins exactly, I began having these supplements prescribed by my doctor. That was consistent with improving my food style, such as eating kinds of food of high iron ratios, or staying away from drinking tea two hours before having a meal in order to avoid losing the iron required for the health of the hair, in addition to preventing any heat or chemical substances which affect grafts and cause hair loss as well.

After all these home treatment measures, unfortunately, I could not find any improvement, but even I experienced a much worse hair loss and thinning in which I had to take my way towards hair transplant. To be more comfortable with hair transplant procedures, I decided to search more for this topic in which I put a lot of efforts to reach the right detailed information about hair transplant on one side, and try my best to find the best hair Transplant clinic on the other.

Reading many specialized scientific blogs about hair transplant learning from previous experiences of others and seeing how patients look like, hair transplant in pictures gave me a good idea about how this job is done. The most important thing I had my eye on, was the Hair Transplant procedures, and its methods.

I have differentiated between the technologies used in hair transplant in which choosing the kind of technology sometimes depends on the case of the patient. I became familiar with the latest hair transplant methods such as; Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) and Robotic hair transplant in which each method is different from the other.

Furthermore, I have learned that all hair transplant procedures using all methods are the same for the first three steps, and then they vary with the technological method carried out by the medical team. The first step in hair transplantation is when the doctor examines the scalp in order to determine the problem that the patient suffers from so he can decide the most suitable technique for his condition. Then, the medical team will shave the patient’s hair from the donor area, sterilize the scalp and give him local anesthesia to avoid any pain the patient could feel.

The third step is when the doctor starts to harvest the follicles from the donor area, using a specific device called Micro- Motor. I have also had a deep knowledge about how these different methods work, but I cannot cover it all here.

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Moreover, due to the importance of the instructions of the hair transplant I had to know more about it through reading relevant articles and blogs. When I was searching the website, I found an excellent blog about hair transplant instructions the patient should commit to, in order to maintain her/ his general health and hair health mainly.  Before undergoing a hair transplant, the patient must be subjected to necessary tests such as blood tests and diabetic tests, ensuring that he is an eligible patient and ready for hair transplantation.

On the other hand, having an idea about the instructions after hair transplant, using different techniques was also so useful to me. Actually, there are many procedures which patient should follow after hair transplantation for getting the best results such as:

– Laying down on the back and avoiding head bending.

–    Sleeping in a semi-vertical position, using two medical pillows to lift the head up.

–    Avoid using anything could lead to blood diluting such as; Aspirin, Alcohol and green tea.

–    Stop smoking for two weeks at least after the surgery.

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When I felt that I am really ready psychologically to go through this surgery, I started to look for the best hair transplant clinic that offers me a reasonable price with reliable services.

Previously, I know that Turkey is considered one of the world’s leading countries that have good medical clinics characterized by a long experience and sufficient skills in performing cosmetic surgeries on one hand, and it has a comparative advantage over other countries in terms of the average hair transplantation costs which is between $ 1,000 and $ 3,700, so my option was Turkey. Therefore, the only thing left was choosing the Hair Transplantation clinic, which gave me the best offers, and actually, it was Top Clinic.



Why Top Clinic?

Top Clinic is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health, and it has international certificates, offering me a very competitive hair transplant operation services that you can rarely find it in other cosmetic clinics. Top Clinic presents many packages that provide all that you need through your aesthetic journey whether you are inside or outside Turkey. Top Clinic provides:

–    Free consolation provided by one of the consultants.

–    Top Clinic team will organize your accommodation and private transportation

–    Hair transplant operation will be held at a five-star hospital in Istanbul.

–    You will receive a guarantee certificate.

–    In the hospital, you will meet one of the interpreters who will help you communicate with the doctors and the medical team.

–    Post-surgery follow up for an entire year.

There, in the hospital, the doctor welcomed me and told me about all hair transplant  instructions I should commit to, to ensure the best results. According to my situation, the surgeon saw best to use DHI technique as a suitable method for my case.

After the operation, the results were very amazing in a way that I could not imagine, having hair like this one day. The surgery was very successful, and my hair looked natural, which made me very satisfied. So far, I am still surprised by the results when I proudly watch my own hair transplant operation photos, and now there is no more embarrassment, tension or anxiety, they meant what they said: “We uncover your beauty.”