My Hair Transplant Story, My Dream Came True

The following story is about a patient from Dubai, his name is Ahmed, and he works in a company in which his position requires contacting clients and having long conversations with customers, which typically should reflect the company’s vision and its principles. Therefore, a good appearance and high self-esteem are urgently needed in such an important role.

Ahmed went through FUE operation, hair transplant at Top Clinic. After the surgery, he got very good results even better than he expected. In this article, we reveal Ahmed’s experience with hair loss, describing his everyday sufferings, and his repetitive attempts to stop the hair loss and restore it again. In addition to how he finally could choose Top clinic to be the clinic where he did his surgery, and achieve his dream “No more baldness”.


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Before The Hair Transplant And My Wise Decision

I’m Ahmed; I want to share my story about the hair loss, which I suffered from for years, describing my fears and feelings, which I went through during the period of my hair loss. I still remember the first time I experienced hair loss, when I was 25, taking warm showers in the bath. Actually, those days were horrible days for me, because I used to have thick and healthy hair, which was praised by almost everyone I met. However, the hair loss was not visible, so I just ignored it and I continued to enjoy my life as usual, without taking any serious measures.

Five months later, I noticed that there was something wrong with my hair, it started to thin in a way worse than before, so by this time, I could not take it easy, because I felt that I was in a really bad situation and I had to take it seriously. In the beginning, I did not have enough courage to discuss the possibility of undergoing a surgery, hair transplant, so I limited myself to homeopathic and some vitamins and minerals suggested by my doctor.

Thankfully, my hair stopped losing for a year, and I thought I finally could get rid of this embarrassing hair loss forever. However, my happiness could not last for more than 6 months, as I started to experience thinning hair again, but this time was also companying with a receding in both my hairline and temples areas.

During that period, I was going through many psychological problems, such as lack of self-confidence, embarrassment, and worry, which have affected my performance at the workplace. Thus, I decided to take a serious action to put an end to this problem. I remembered that I had a friend who underwent, hair transplant 2 years ago, so I immediately called him, asking him about his experience and some questions about the hair transplant procedures.


The first thing my friend started to talk about, was the importance of choosing the best clinic, which provides full packages of services such as Top clinic where he underwent his surgery, hair transplant.  He told me about the free consolation, which was provided by a professional consultant for him when he contacted them for the first time. Then, he also mentioned the hotel accommodation, which Top Clinic provides, describing the five-star hotel where he stayed during the period of his journey for, hair transplant. Furthermore, he explained the way he was welcomed by the medical team and doctors who were responsible for his surgery which is done at five-star hospital in Istanbul. Private transportation was provided for his comfort and safety, in addition to an interpreter who works at the hospital, and who helped him communicate with the doctor and the rest of the medical team. There are additional services he also received and enjoyed during the period of his hair transplant journey.

Talking with my friend was filled with useful information, which encouraged me to call Top Clinic directly, asking them for a consultation. The consultant asked me some questions to understand my health case, and then he made sure that I was qualified to go through this procedure, hair transplant. Indeed, involving myself in this surgery was another source of fear for me, so I got more confused and worried. However, I had to ask myself this question; am I satisfied with my hair loss, is it okay to become bald for the rest of my life?

Actually, the issue of my hair was very crucial to me; having a good hairstyle would promote my self-esteem and help me overcome the embarrassment due to the hair loss that I suffer from at my workplace. Therefore, I finally made my decision to book for a hair transplant procedure at Top Clinic in Istanbul.


My Experience In Top Clinic

When I arrived to the clinic, the medical team there, kindly welcomed me, later they start preparing me for the hair transplant. They did some necessary medical tests, then the doctor examined my scalp, in order to decide the appropriate technique for my case, then he suggested FUE method as a suitable technique to stop my hair loss and renew it again. The hair transplant started with shaving my hair from the donor areas by one of the medical team, then they sterilized my scalp and infused a local anesthesia into the donor areas, in order to prevent any pain could occur.

Afterward, the doctor harvested around 2000 grafts from the donor areas at the back of my head by a specific device, which called Micro Motor. Then, the surgeon cleaned and numbed the baldness area where grafts would be implanted, opening the channels to place the grafts in these channels. My surgery took 5 hours, but actually, I felt as if the time passed quickly during the operation. Simply, it was not that hard for me.


When the operation was done, the doctor covered my donor area with bandages, and laid a rubber band around my scalp to prevent the liquids in the scalp from falling down towards the face and eyes. Then, he gave me all the needed instructions that I need to follow the first three days. The doctor prescribed a set of medicines for me to use during these critical days, such as; painkillers and allergy drugs. The third day, I had my washing session, and more instructions to follow, and then I was able to go back to my daily routine.

After the hair transplant, I knew that I should be patient, waiting for my hair to grow again, because the results usually need 3 months at least show-up. In the first month, I noticed that the redness on my scalp started to disappear clearly and my scalp was much better.

The fourth month, I noticed the appearance of new hair all over my scalp, which made me very happy that, finally I would get rid of baldness. The length of the new hair continued to increase month by month remarkably until I had a full scalp coverage by the eighth month.  The results were incredible for me; finally, I am no longer a bald man. Now, there is no more tension or embarrassment in public, especially at my workplace.