The Butt Implant, Its Benefits and Risks, What Do You Know About It?

Butt implants have become a common procedure since the past few years in which it provides a great choice for women and men to reshape their buttocks and get them lifted. Having rounder and firmer buttocks for women and girls is a very important thing because it is considered a symbol of femininity and the way to make them look more attractive and increase their self-esteem.

Buttock augmentation can enlarge or reshape the buttocks and add more roundness and curve to them. Buttock augmentation is performed by using fat grafting or buttock implants, or even by a combination of both of them. Fat grafting is the method, which transfers the fat from an area of the body, which the patient would like to get rid of, and placed it into the tissues of the buttock. While, buttock implants are devices, which use silicone to place into the buttock surgically.


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Usually, the doctor chooses the most appropriate method according to the patient’s case; the size and the shape of the butt play an important role in making decision about the suitable technique, in addition to the amount of fat the person has in his body, which transferred into the tissues of buttock to make it shapelier. Also, the skin elasticity and quality should be determined in order to select the appropriate technique of buttock augmentation.

In this article, we will introduce only the butt implants as one of the choices, which enhances buttocks, mentioning the benefits and risks, which are usually associated with butt implants.

Butt Implants

Butt implants can enhance the appearance of the buttock and give it shapely size, which in turn makes the body more attractive. Butt implants are based on placing silicone within or above the gluteal muscles which include two muscles; Gluteus Maximus muscle and gluteus medius muscle which covered by a layer of fat.


What Are The Butt Implant Procedures?

The first thing comes to our mind, when it comes to buttock augmentation is anesthesia, which prevents any pain, could happen during the period of the surgery. Usually, the doctor chooses either intravenous sedation or general anesthesia according to the patient situation.

Afterward, the surgeon incises both sides of the buttock, starting from the top towards the bottom, and then he begins to insert a certain kind of silicone, which made only for buttocks, to be placed within or above the tissues of the gluteal muscles on both sides. Finally, the surgeon closes these incisions with layered sutures, and the patient can see the final results of the surgery in a few months.

After the surgery, the patient must not sit down normally as he used to before the surgery, but he has to sit down in which he can avoid putting pressure on his gluteal muscles. In addition, the patient should wear a tight garment, which can hold and protect the gluteal area. Furthermore, there are some important instructions, which should be followed to ensure better and faster final results such as, maintaining your weight, avoiding alcohol or lifting weight for some weeks.


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The Benefits of Butt Implants

  • Improve the shape and the size of the buttocks: butt implant can tone up the upper gluteus muscles, giving you a nice round butt and developing an attractive fullness to your buttock.
  • Reshaping the buttocks: if you have an asymmetrical butt and you are not satisfied with the shape of your butt, you will have a chance to make it shapelier and sexier through undergoing the butt implant.
  • Enlarging the buttocks: butt enlargement can be a good solution for those people who suffer from having a too small butt, in which the butt implant silicone fills up the tissues of the gluteal muscles in a way that enlarges the butt symmetrically and gives an attractive figure to the butt.
  • Butt implant can be very useful for those who suffer from obesity, in order to remove the fat from the buttock area, which in turn achieves the rotation of the butt.
  • Butt implant can also remove the lumps or pimples from the butt, giving a harmonious figure.
  • Improving the butt figure can improve the attractiveness of the body, promoting the person’s self-confidence.


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The Risks of The Butt Implants

Like any surgery, butt implant has several risks, which the person should consider:

  • Butt augmentation by butt implant method requires general anesthesia to prevent any pain could occur, however, there are risks associated with the anesthesia such as dizziness, nausea and bruising.
  • Bleeding: butt implants require doing some incisions, so sometimes if the surgeons are not qualified enough, damages in muscles or blood vessels could occur during the surgery, causing bleeding and blood clots in some dangerous areas.
  • Implant rupture is another risk can also occur causing scars around the implant.
  • Implant misplacement: butt implants could shift, causing an asymmetric figure to the buttock.
  • The person could be exposed to the infection when silicone implants are placed in the incisions, so surgeons should keep the incisions clean to avoid any infection could occur.
  • The fat tissue under the skin could be exposed to die due to the surgery.
  • Butt implants could lead to skin discoloration or swelling in the skin, lasting for a long time.
  • The person could also experience pains in the gluteus area.
  • If the person, who undergoes the butt implant surgery, could not maintain his weight, the fat, which injected in the butt area, can gain weight as any fat in the body, affecting the final results of the butt after the surgery.


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