Understanding your Tummy Anatomy for Better Abdominoplasty Results

Abdominoplasty surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgeries that our surgeons perform at Top Clinic. They are highly experienced surgeons and during their professional life, they encountered many patient anatomies. Before having surgery you may want to learn about your tummy anatomy.

“Abdomen” is the medical term for the belly or tummy. The abdomen is a cavity that contains the kidneys, digestive tract, liver, spleen, and other organs. The abdominal wall, which is made out of numerous layers of connective tissue, muscles, and fat, surrounds this cavity. The abdominal wall is mainly made of muscles and fascia.

The abdominal wall consists of many muscle layers. The layers of fat and connective tissue beneath the skin and between these muscles are known as fascia. Muscles and other internal organs are attached, stabilized, enclosed, and separated by it. Pregnancy, significant weight gain, and various surgeries can all damage this. When we talk about excess belly fat, we are mostly talking about subcutaneous fat (fat that is immediately beneath the skin of your tummy). It is typically persistent and does not respond to simple diet and exercise changes.

While the amount and location of excess skin are obviously important factors in selecting which type of Abdominoplasty is best for you, other characteristics of your anatomy can also play a role. The quality of your skin, as well as your body type, can have an impact on your results.  Furthermore, the location of extra fat deposits is important. Abdominoplasty is effective in reducing fat that is placed in front of the muscle wall, but it does not treat the deeper visceral fat that is located behind the muscle wall. Abdominoplasty should be tailored to the patient’s specific needs for the greatest outcomes, therefore consultation with an expert board-certified plastic surgeon is essential. The doctor may inform you about the options, help you understand what type of results you can expect, and build a treatment plan after discussing your unique goals and examining your anatomy.

Keep following our blog to learn about different Abdominoplasty techniques so before consulting our surgeons, you can have an opinion on which one is best for you. For more information, contact Top Clinic experts for free.