What’s Baldness And Causes Of Baldness

Causes of baldness are everyone fears, whether women or men, which affects social relationships, mental and emotional state of a person.

Baldness becomes not only related to aging, but also there are teenagers suffer from baldness, who not more than 25 years old. The signs of baldness in teenagers start with hairline thinning and a slight dip in the frontline.


What’s Baldness

Baldness is the last stage of hair loss, which is gradual hair fall until you find bald patches in your scalp. It affects men and women, but men are more likely to lose their hair than women.

Causes of baldness considered as the most important thing, which people are willing to know in detail, so they can diagnosis their condition without exhausted with many of doctors.


Causes of Baldness

There are many factors causes baldness, some of those factors as bellow;


This is the main reason for the causes of baldness. The people who enter their 40s or 50s become prone to hair loss, because with aging, the hormones in the body changes, so that, the effects of hair shedding become more and more.

The men start hair fall with their 35s and remain to 50s; on the other hand, the women start hair loss by age 40s.

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The diseases are the worst thing that causes hair fall, such as anemia, hypothyroidism, autoimmune, or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

  1. Anemia is a decrease in red blood cells, lack of hemoglobin in the blood, or inability of the blood to carry oxygen. All of that cause hair loss because the follicles need oxygen and hemoglobin to generate new hair.
  2. Polycystic ovary syndrome is some disorders of the body due to elevated androgen hormone in a female, causing changes in the menstrual period, which leads to hair shedding in women especially.
  3. Hypothyroidism is a disorder in the thyroid gland, which does not produce enough thyroid hormone, then, causing hair loss until baldness occurs.
  4. Autoimmune disease is an abnormal immune system, which the immune system attacks the hair follicles as foreign, causing hair fall and baldness.



The pregnancy is one of the causes of baldness, which exhausted the body and disorder the hormones, leading to further hair loss. Hair shedding increases in the first third months after pregnancy rather than during pregnancy due to the changing of hormones in women’s body.


Genetic Factors and Heredity

Unfortunately, the person might carry baldness genes from either parent; if you found one of your parents started to have hair fall at a certain age, you might be susceptible to baldness by aging.

The heredity baldness called androgenic baldness, the person of this condition, has an increase in DHT hormone in hair follicles, which leads to balding scalp.

The early diagnosis of carrying genes of baldness helps to cure the hair loss in the initial stages, but when the diagnosis is delayed until baldness occurs, them, it will be hard to heal, other than undergoing hair transplantation procedure.


Weight Loss

When you exposed to sudden weight loss, your body gets a lack of proper nutritional value in daily food, in addition to, your hormones will be imbalanced, which leads you to be prone to baldness. Because the hair follicles do not take the value of nutrients that needed to help the follicles for growth.

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Physical Stress and emotional stress

Stress is the essential reason of causes of baldness; the normal pressure during the day because of work or complicated relationship has a deeply adverse effect on the body, it can shock the hair growth cycle and prevent the follicles to generating a new hair, so baldness occurs.

The long-lasting tension is more affect hair, as it plays on body hormones and causes imbalanced hormones, so that it influences hair, causing hair loss and baldness. Even the trauma resulting from an accident, previous surgery, or illness can cause element hair shedding.



Chemotherapy attacks some of the body cells such as cancer cells and other natural cells, which is fast-growing such as hair cells, so that leads to hair fall into the whole body until baldness occurs. After stop chemotherapy, your hair may grow back, but in some cases, the hair will not grow back, which needed to undergo the hair transplant procedure.



Malnutrition may cause lack of vitamins, proteins, and calories or too many vitamins, protein, and calories; this condition plays on nutrients and may lead to undernutrition, which causes health problems. The over or not enough nutrients prevents oxygen from reaching to the follicles, which leads to stopping hair growth.

Even if you eat in a wrong way such as junk food or food with a lot of calories and fat, you will be able to suffer hair shedding and baldness.


Medical Drugs

Some kinds of therapeutic drugs have a side effect on hair such as antidepressant, blood thinning medications including aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs including ibuprofen, or anabolic steroids that taken by athletes to bulk up muscle. This medication causes excessive hair loss, which leads to baldness. This is an essential factor of causes of baldness, which you should consider.

Once you stop taking these medications, your hair might grow back by itself, or you might need some natural treatment after that to stimulate the follicles to grow such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or mesotherapy.


Over hairstyle

If you are overdoing hairstyles such as tight braids or cornrows, you might expose to hair thinning and receding frontline of the hair. Even if you are using chemical treatments for hair or using electric hairstyle and high heat such as electronic hair dryer, your hair might not grow back and leads to baldness.


Treatment of Baldness

Synchronize with the development of aesthetic medicine in the field of baldness and hair loss; the person becomes able to treat his baldness and causes of baldness, depending on hair transplantation procedure.

The person cannot stand with the bald patches in the scalp, in which he will not be able to feel satisfied with the cosmetic appearance.

There are two types of hair transplant procedure, which cured the baldness and causes of baldness, whether natural hair transplant or artificial hair transplant.

Hair transplant is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, aims to restore the hair back, depending on transfer the follicles from the donor area, where the back of the scalp to the receptor areas, which needed to treat from baldness.

The doctors and experts of aesthetic medicine seeking to give the person who searches for cosmetic surgery, the best result of treatment and restoring aesthetic appearance, so they reach to the latest techniques in the field of cosmetic surgeries and hair transplantation.

The latest techniques in hair transplant help to protect the person from the side effects such as scars, bleeding, and itching, in addition to, guarantee the results of hair growth. Those techniques are FUE technique, DHI technique (CHOI implant), and ROBOT technique.


If you suffer from baldness, the hair transplant will be the best for you, feel free to ask, and kindly help for share the article with friends.